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Listed here are all of the Author Bibliographies currently available for this letter of the alphabet.

Names found within brackets on individual author bibliography pages are pseudonyms or pen names used by that author.

Authors real name, when available, is denoted as follows:

  Denotes New Release(s) For 2008

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  Denotes Updated Bibliography

Author Bibliography (Booklists) Page ~J~

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Authors last name beginning with J

Cheryln Jac

Richard Jaccoma

Andrea Jackson

Brenda Jackson

Eileen Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson

Gina Jackson

Hialeah Jackson

James H. Jackson

Jon A. Jackson

Joshilyn Jackson

Judy Jackson

Lee Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Marion J.A. Jackson

Melanie Jackson

Monica Jackson

Phillip Ellis Jackson

Renay Jackson

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson (2)

Charlee Jacob

Ann Jacobs

Anna Jacobs

Holly Jacobs

Jonnie Jacobs

Linda Jacobs

Lynn Jacobs

Melissa Jacobs

Nancy Baker Jacobs

Sherry-Anne Jacobs

Teri A. Jacobs

Alan Jacobson

Dan Jacobson

Howard Jacobson

Kate Jacoby

Christian Jacq

Brian Jacques

Jacqueline Jade

Symon Jade

Sue Ann Jaffarian

Jody Jaffe

Michele Jaffe

Michael Jahn

Jane Jakeman

John Jakes

Marie Jakober

Amalia James

Anna James

Arlene James

BJ James

Bill James

Dana James

Dean James

Deana James

Deborah James

Donald James

Elle James

Ellen James

Eloisa James

Erica James

Jillian James

Julia James

Kristen James

L. Dean James

Laurence James

Livia James

Maggie James

Margaret James

Melissa James

P.D. James

Peter James

Robert James

Russell James

Samantha James

Sandra James

Stephanie James

Susan James

Susan S. James

Vanessa James

Bronwyn Jameson

Marianna Jameson

Kerry Jamieson

Ellen Jamison

Janelle Jamison

Kelly Jamison

J.A. Jance

J. Robert Janes

Trish Janeshutz

Hank Janson

Christine Janssen

George Ann Jansson

Tara Janzen

Quintin Jardine

Liz Jarrett

Miranda Jarrett

Roxanne Jarrett

Sara Jarrod

Veronica Jason

Shannah Jay

Devin Jeanel

Michael Jecks

Mike Jefferies

William Jefferies

Jemiah Jefferson

M.T. Jefferson

Anna Jeffrey

Elizabeth Jeffrey

J.M. Jeffries

Julia Jeffries

Roderic Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries

Tahar Ben Jelloun

Amy Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins

Geoffrey Jenkins

Jerry B. Jenkins

Anna Jennett

Maureen Jennings

Phillip C. Jennings

Sara Jennings

Tina Jens

Emma Jensen

Jane Jensen

Kathryn Jensen

Liz Jensen

Muriel Jensen

Ruby Jean Jensen

Trish Jensen

Brenda Jernigan

Michelle Jerott

Melanie M. Jeschke

K.W. Jeter

Cheri Jetton

Carolyn Jewel

Lisa Jewell

Catherine Jinks

Yvonne Jocks

Michael Joens

Iris Johansen

Roy Johansen

Cathie John

Katherine John

Nancy John

Sally D. John

Deborah Johns

Barbara Johnson

Barbara Ferry Johnson

Betsy Johnson

Bett Reece Johnson

Craig Johnson

Crockett Johnson

Dolores Johnson

Doris Johnson

James B. Johnson

Jane Johnson

Janice Kay Johnson

Jeannie Johnson

Ken Johnson

Lois Johnson

Oliver Johnson

Shane Johnson

Susan Johnson

Margaret Johnson-Hodge

Colleen L. Johnston

Dorothy Johnston

Jane Johnston

Jennifer Johnston

Joan Johnston

Linda O. Johnston

Paul Johnston

Terry C. Johnston

Velda Johnston

William W. Johnstone

Kirby Jonas

Paula Jonas

Annie Jones

Belinda Jones

Brian Kinsey Jones

Catherine Jones

Christina Jones

Courtway Jones

David Lee Jones

Dennis Jones

Diana Wynne Jones

Frankie J. Jones

Gail Jones

Gwyneth Jones

Heather Rose Jones

Jenna Jones

Jenny Jones

J.V. Jones

Jill Jones

Katherine D. Jones

Kathy Jones

Linda Jones

Linda Winstead Jones

Luanne Jones

Marjorie Jones

Marti Jones

Melissa Lynn Jones

Merry Jones

Nancy L. Jones

Neil R. Jones

Pauline Baird Jones

Russell Celyn Jones

Solomon Jones

Stan Jones

Stephen Graham Jones

Susanna Jones

Tamara Siler Jones

Tayari Jones

Veda Boyd Jones

Joan Jonker

Pamela Joost

Alexis Hill Jordan

Allie Jordan

B.B. Jordan

Jennifer L. Jordan

Joanna Jordan

Laura Jordan

Marilyn Jordan

Nicole Jordan

Penny Jordan

Robert Jordan

Christine T. Jorgensen

Alison Joseph

Ann Josephson

Morag Joss

Dara Joy

B.D. Joyce

Brenda Joyce

Graham Joyce

Janet Joyce

Jenna Lee Joyce

Lydia Joyce

Susan Juby

Donna Julian

Shirley Jump

Alex Juniper

Ann Justice

Julia Justiss

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